Will The 2017 iPhone Be A Good Deal Or Will It Be Another Overpriced Smartphone?

Will The 2017 iPhone Be A Good Deal Or Will It Be Another Overpriced Smartphone?
Will the 2017 iPhones be a deserving subject of hatred or will they be worth their prices? Photo : Stephen Lam/ Getty Images

Apple products have always been known for getting a mixed reaction from consumers. Some people love it to bits while others hate it from top to bottom. It's practically a battle between OS's but as a whole, most of the Apple hatred roots from its supposedly "too pricey" products. People say that there are less pricey options than what Apple can offer which is quite true. However, the question is not about how much money Apple is asking for its products. The question is how worthy are their products of your money. With that said, it's just right to question Apple's 2017 iPhones. Will they be a deserving subject of hatred or will they be worth their prices?

Apple iPhones 2017: What's Known So far

It's worth noting that Apple hasn't verified anything yet. However, as per the rumors, the company will be releasing three iPhones next year. Two of which will be the successors to the current iPhones and one of which will be a special release. Take note that the company is about to release its anniversary iPhone as the popular smartphone brand is hitting its tenth anniversary. With that said, we can expect a slightly improved iPhone 7S and 7s Plus and a totally different iPhone that is expected to be called iPhone 8.

According to the undying iPhone 2017 rumors, the iPhone 8 will have a curved display, an all-glass body and a flat frontal with no home button. The regular iPhones on the other hand are expected to come with a faster A11 processor and a new red-color variant. With all these info at hand, it's safe to assume that the regular iPhones 2017 will be expensive like most iPhones are and the supposed anniversary iPhone will be more expensive than that.

Apple iPhones 2017 Worth The Price Or Not?

The supposedly iPhone 7S and 7S Plus units can practically blend in the market like other flagship phones. It's worth noting that Apple's flagships are already priced in line with most flagship phones on the market, so the regular iPhones have no problem mixing in with the other brands. Sure, there are far cheaper options, but it's always the consumers' decisions if they want to grab a premium phone or not. As for the iPhone 8, it's still hard to predict whether or not people will buy its fad. It's almost certain that when this phone gets introduced, it will once again hype Apple lovers up and be a popular option even for non-iPhone fans.

Nevertheless, the question is, will this phone be worth every penny or will it be overpriced? While this question is hard to answer, it's safe to say that the iPhone 8 will be nearer to being overpriced than being a product with good value for money. Needless to say, it's always up to the buyer if he/she is willing to splurge for a smartphone. If you want to assess your purchase properly, do consider how much you need the phone's features and whether or not you can afford such expenditure. If you think you are in need of the said features and if you can buy the phone without causing financial instability, then getting the 2017 iPhone is a valid decision.

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