UK Abortion Clinic: Marie Stopes Raise 'Serious Concerns' About Patients' Safety

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is facing major backlash after reports came out that they failed to adequately train staff and neglected to obtain proper patient consent.  Reports reveal that their staff tried to give a vulnerable woman an abortion without her consent.

Marie Stopes is UK's main abortion provider.  Recently, they were the subject of the Care Quality Commission's (CQC) investigation due to a series of "serious concerns" about the organisation, which performs 70,000 abortions a year in the UK.

There Is An Increase In MSI Reported Patient Safety Incidents

According to the report, 2,634 incidents have been recorded at MSI locations between 2015 and 2016 - that's 704 higher from the previous year.  The organization, however, only offered a limited explanation for this rise. 

In August, MSI already suspended surgical abortions for girls under 18 and vulnerable women after concerns were raised about patient safety.  However, the organization was allowed to resume  services in October after satisfying the CQC that it had improved standards.

Incidents reported included fetal tissue being found in open hazardous waste bin in one clinic in Norwich, while there were also reports that clinician in the same center were witnessed rubber-stamping abortions, signing off as many as 60 authorization forms without adequate investigation.

MSI Has Made Progress, But Further Actions Will Be Taken If Concerns Are Not Addressed

Other reports say that quality inspectors  "were forced to intervene" when they witnessed an abortion being arranged for a "distressed" woman with learning disabilities who had not been given enough information to give informed consent. 

Deputy chief inspector of hospitals at the CQC, Professor Edward Baker, confirmed that MSI has made progress, but said the commission would "not hesitate to take further action" if their concerns were not addressed.  He said that they will continue to monitor Marie Stopes' services very closely and they are already planning on a re-inspection.

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