Apple AirPods 2016 Review: A Wireless Earbud That Gives Users Magical Music Experience

Apple AirPods 2016 Review: A Wireless Earbud That Gives Users Magical Music Experience
Apple AirPods 2016 Review: A Wireless Earbud That Gives Users Magical Music Experience Photo : CultofMactv / YouTube Screenshot

In early September 2016, Apple announced that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack anymore. Although a lightning port to 3.5mm headphone dongle was supplied in the retail packaging, Apple's big push was to feature new Bluetooth audio and wireless headphones. With that, the AirPods was announced.

A Wireless Earbud That Gives Users Magical Music Experience

Unfortunately, the wireless AirPods did not go on sale along with the iPhone 7 series smartphones. Nor did they go on sale in early October as what was announced by the company. Many news comes in and saying that the release of AirPods are delayed due to technical reasons.

But fear not, just this week, the AirPods have arrived in Apple stores across the world and online. Yes! Some stores are now offering the Apple AirPods that can give you a magical music experience. A pair of this tool cost $159 and some online stores are offering free shipping.

Are you still questioning the ability of this little kit? Do you think your money will be worth it buying this new tool? Here is a review on the Apple AirPods 2016 and let us know why this will give users a magical music experience.

Apple AirPods 2016 Review

According to Time, the new Apple AirPods are easy to setup, comfortable to use and can automatically pause music when you remove a bud. However, it also says that the wireless tool is expensive, looks awkward when you’re wearing them and has limited playback controls. But regarding all the speculations, still, Apple fans are willing to splurge on the tangle-free earbuds.

With the help of Apple Insider (AI), here is the list why the new wireless AirPods put a smile on the face of every user this year 2016. "Apple's new wireless AirPods elegantly perform in a way that promises to put a smile on your face no matter how terrible of a day you're having--a beautiful thing given how many ugly days 2016 has thrown at us so far. "

AirPods are your outdoor buddy. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing outdoor, having a wireless earpods can give you an at ease feeling. Listening to your playlist can give you motivations even doing hard things outside your home. Without wires, the small, light AirPods don't have anything to tug or tangle, allowing you to forget you're even wearing them.

AirPods are a perfect example of micro-sized computers acting as Steve Jobs' bicycle of the mind: an efficient, immersive tool for extending the human experience using state of the art silicon logic packaged within an ergonomic design, said Daniel Eran Dilger, a reliable source from AI.

AirPods gives you good sounds. According to The Verge, Apple also deserves huge credit for having a solution to the two biggest problems with Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth headphones, which are, pairing and providing a robust connection. This is all thanks to the W1 chip that Apple introduced with AirPods and the two other Beats headphones that were announced in September.

"W1 makes the initial pairing process with AirPods a breeze — the moment you flip the cap upon the carrying case, a screen pops up on your iPhone asking you to connect," said Sean O'Kane, a reporter, photographer and videographer.

AirPods charging case is brilliantly designed. a small container like a box of a dental floss, it snugly houses each earpiece. The case gets about a day's worth of charge before it needs refueling via a Lightning cable, according to CNN. The wireless AirPods that are placed inside the case receive about a five-hour power boost after just 15 minutes. That's pretty solid and really dependable mileage, but if you're new to wireless headsets, remembering to charge yet another gadget comes with a learning curve.

AirPods and Siri are friends. As AI reported, AirPods' snug, precise fit results in an ideal design for a virtually invisible wireless wearable that not only plays back sound but can also enable you to speak on the phone, dictate text and even listen for voice commands. "Without Siri, you can configure your AirPods to start and stop playback using tap gestures, as is the case when used as a basic Bluetooth device with an Android phone, for example. With Siri activated, you can tap to invoke the familiar sound effect that signals that you can ask for something: the next song, a change in volume, or any of the other things Siri is good at.


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