Pokemon Go Update: Why Tyrogue Wasn't Included With Other Baby Pokemon

Lately, it seems like Niantic has some couple of surprises for their players in Pokemon Go. As previously reported, fans are pleased with Niantic's effort on making the game much better and exciting as before. With Gen 2 update heavily rumored recently, Niantic somehow answered the rumors revealing several gen 2 Pokemon specie via the egg hatch. These currently added species in the game are identified as Baby Pokemon. However, it has been reported that there is one Baby Pokemon which has not been revealed yet under the identity of Tyrogue.

According to the report from Otakukart, several Pokemon Go fans have wondered why Niantic has not released Tyrogue along with its fellow Baby Pokemon. Based on the report, all Baby Pokemon can now be obtainable in the game. Apparently, it seems like the fighting Pokemon got a later release date and expected to arrive together with the remaining generation 2 of Pokemon.

For those who are uninitiated, Tyrogue has a split evolution type which is somewhat similar to Eevee but a bit complicated. It is the pre-evolved form of generation one Pokemon Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. In addition, the said Pokemon will also receive another evolution in generation 2 patch with Hitmontop.

Meanwhile, several fans suspected that the reason why Niantic has not introduced Tyrogue to the game yet is due to the fact that the company is still figuring out how to effectively apply its evolution. In addition, Niantic Labs needs to develop a whole new mechanism for evolution. However, fans are still hoping that Niantic will consider looking back to Pokemon 101.

Based on the previous Pokemon games, Tyrogue's evolution was based mainly on its base attack and defense. According to the source, if Tyrogue has a higher base attack compared to its defense, it will evolve into Hitmonchan, while it will evolve into Hitmonlee if the stats are the other way. Meanwhile, if you are lucky enough to own a Tyrogue that equals both of its attack and defense, it will evolve into Hitmontop.

Pokemon enthusiasts said that it is not complicated as it looks since Pokemon Go has applied an Appraisal System which allows players to know the stats of each Pokemon. If this is true, it seems like Niantic purposely delayed Tyrogue's release to bring some sort of excitement.


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