Civilization 6 Winter Update Contains A Lot Of AI Improvements, Polish And Vikings

Sid Meier, God bless his soul as he showers Civilization 6 players with a massive update before Christmas even landed here on earth. The update includes a ton of AI improvements and a bunch of Vikings and Polish. Not bad at all for Christmas Day.

The AI improvements included in Civilization 6's Winter Update are improved negotiations, analysis, and handling. In terms of improved AI handling, it has something to do with promises kept as the AI determines your trustworthiness through this character trait. Tactical handling of Great Admirals and Great Generals are also improved as well as the fort-building capabilities of players. Another improvement also includes the AI not trying hard to convert unconvertible cities.

These changes and improvements to the artificial intelligence of Civilization 6 is a welcome update since a lot of players have been expressing their disappointment to the AI of the game.

The patch update also brings a sound effect when you quick save the game ensuring players that they have truly saved their games before progressing in the game. There's also an 'Alert' ability for the units where they can now lie in wait for their enemies.

The biggest addition to this update, however, is the inclusion of the Viking and Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack, which is available at $4.99 each. The Poland Civilization includes Winged Hussars with Overwatch-like costumes as they charge valiantly on their horsebacks. The DLC also include a 60-turn scenario which gives Poland, Prague, and Vienna defense against invading Teutons and other marauders who want to lay waste to their civilization.

The Vikings Scenario Pack, on the other hand, contains a 100-turn scenario which allows the warriors to raid and explore the vast landscape around them. It also allows players to have a look at Iceland's majestic snowy landscape, such as the Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the Lysefjord.

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