Apple iPhone 7 Plus Users Are Continuously Reporting Camera Problems

iPhone 7 Plus is the first smartphone product of Apple to have its amazing dual camera. But unfortunately, users are continuously reporting problems regarding the camera of the Apple's flagship phone.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Reported Camera Problems

In early September, Apple revealed two brand new iPhone models dubbed iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Aside from being the two fastest and most powerful smartphones in the world by a landslide, both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also featured an impressive new camera feature. In fact, iPhone 7 Plus offered optical zoom and a nifty new “Portrait Mode” which is very unique compared to other smartphones.

According to BRG, the cameras are going haywire. They first started receiving sporadic emails about three weeks ago from iPhone 7 Plus users who said that their cameras were dying. "Dying" means opening Apple’s camera app or any third-party camera app would display total blackness where on the screen instead of an image preview.

”I opened up the camera app only to be met with a black image preview, sometimes I can get an image however it’s either tinted green or purple and was once accompanied by a screen stating ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ when the handset wasn’t even slightly warm,” Reddit user teryakiwok wrote on Tuesday. "I've tried hard reset and factory restore to no avail, however I've been in contact with other users with the same problem and apple had to replace their phones due to a 'hardware fault'. So if you're met with the same issue take it back for a replacement."

iOS Update Is The Solution

According to CNET, there are several useful additions in iOS 10.2 including a brand new TV app, updated News, Photos, and Music apps, improved camera settings, loads of new emojis, and more. Unfortunately, though, Apple’s iOS 10.2 update was not an all hunky dory for many users. In fact, for a considerable section, the update is a major turn off on multiple levels.

Let us hope that the camera problems facing by the users of the Apple flagship iPhone 7 Plus will be fix by the iOS updaet. There are no assurance that the update is for the problems to be fixed, but users are hoping for it. I am sure Apple will give instructions on how the problem will be solved especially to those who are contacted them regarding the matter.


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