Forza Horizon 3 Update: New Microtransactions Makes Car Buying Easy

For Forza Horizon 3 players, buying cars is now easier thanks to the new addition of microtransactions. With this new addition, players can buy cars using real cash by buying tokens in the in-game. These tokens have credit points equivalent that they can use to purchase cars if earning it takes too long into the game.

Forza Horizon 3 Gets New Addition Of Microtransactions

Months ago, there was a discussion regarding the addition of microtransactions in triple-A games including Forza Horizon. Usually, players have to save up on in-game currency to purchase game items or to level up. With the addition of microtransactions, players can spend real money to help them progress into the game.

PCGamesN reports that the most expensive car in Forza Horizon 3's microtransactions is worth £83.49 or about $USD. Such an amount will provide players with 20,000 tokes that is equivalent to a whopping 10,000,000 credits. With this amount, a player has the choice to pick an Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale without sweat - just a good amount of money.

Forza Horizon 3's Cheaper Microtransaction Options

Cheaper options are also available for just £0.40 or roughly $0.49. On a breakdown, 100 tokens is available for £0.79, which is $0.97 only, while the maximum; 20,000 tokens, is available for £83.49 or around $102. Each token is equivalent to around 500 Credits that they can use to buy new and expensive vehicles in Forza Horizon 3. Still, the microtransactions are optional. The in-game prompts can also be turned off by going to the Options menu in Extras tab and ticking no to buying expensive cars.

Other Microtransactions Available In Forza Horizon 3

Aside from cars, the new Forza Horizon 3 microtransactions allow gamers to buy popularity spikes, get the treasure map and more upgrades that are not available in the gameplay unless players buy it. Buying 20,000 worth of tokens would only mean that players would pay more in the in-game than the amount of the game itself, which is just £45.99 or $56.86. Still, the addition of microtransactions in Forza Horizon 3 makes it easier for players to buy the best car they can use for a race and make their campaign to race as the champion easier.

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