Star Conflict Evolution Update Features New 'Evolving' Spacecraft And More

Star Conflict want to end the year with a huge impact, as they recently launched their Evolution Update. The update offers amazing features, such as new spacecraft that has an extraordinary mechanics. There are also a lot of other features for the fans to enjoy. This Evolution Update will surely keep the players busy.

Star Conflict's New Alien Spacecraft 'Thar'Ga' Has 5 Different Evolutions

Fans will enjoy playing the new Thar'Ga Ship. It offers different evolutions that have different styles. This is a very dangerous ship due to its special abilities. However, players will need Xenocrystals in order to upgrade the ship. Having Xenocrystals are not that hard, as players can buy it using Xenochips.

Everyone will benefit on the transformations of Thar'Ga, as it may evolve into a speed type or slow but heavy attacking type. It may really vary on how players will use it, though every transformation has its own pros. However, the ability to change the appearance of the ship will require players to complete specific tasks. These are the tasks from Ellydium. Also, players will need the rare resources, such as the Xenocrystals and Alien composite panel.

What Are The Other Features Of Star Conflict's Evolution Update?

The other features are amazing as it improves the game a lot. There are also limited ships available. These are the Dart and Gargoyle. Players will be able to get the ship within the timeline of the holiday event. New special weapons can also be collected, so players might want to collect it as soon as possible. Improvements of other ships are also included in the update, as well as massive bug fixes. Due to this, fans can expect a better gameplay throughout the game.

Star Conflict is available to play on PC.

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