So Much For The Alaskan Igloo, Introducing The Homes Of The Future: Igloos Of Mars?

A set of radical new designs have recently claimed that humans could potentially live in igloos on Mars. Experts have revealed that the first group of Mars pioneers may build their inflatable "ice homes" using the ice beneath the surface of the red planet in order for them to be protected from space radiation. As what its designers have claimed, another good thing with the said innovation is that it allows future colonists to make use of Mars' natural resources, without having to send material from Earth.

The Homes Of The Future: Igloos Of Mars?

According to reports by Space, the presence of accessible ice on the Red Planet has been found to have warmed the heart of a collaborative group at the NASA Langley Engineering Design Studio in Hampton, Virginia, a team of experts that is allegedly chipping away at designing a "Mars Ice Home." In one of his statements, Ice Home principal investigator Kevin Kempton, of NASA's Langley Research Center said that the Ice Home is more than just a habitat, since what we really need is a new home on Mars. Kempton reveals that their team is confident Ice Home is currently the best solution out there for an early Mars outpost

Furthermore, as per Daily Mail, water ice would be used to fill translucent pockets around the outside of the cabins, while a cellular layer of carbon dioxide, obtained from the Martian atmosphere would be used to insulate the inside of the habitat from the ice. In turn, it is found that the translucent ice would allow natural light to shine through so that the inhabitants would not be stranded in the dark for a longer period of time.

Ultimately, it was found that the proposal uses a lander as the basis of the shelter, containing both private and communal interior spaces. Designers of the Ice Home said that if all goes according to plan then the moment that it's launched into space, an inflatable membrane will then be used to create an interstitial environment between the outside of the capsule and the Mars atmosphere, but at the moment, authorities have revealed that the idea remains to be hypothetical.

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