The World’s ‘Fattest Man’ Set To Reduce590-Kilo Weight By Half This New Year; Doctors Say It's Possible

"This is no life; the worst sentence you can give a human being is to make a prison of his own body," said Juan Pedro. The world's billed 'fattest man' is planning to go through gastric bypass by New Year. According to his doctor, the procedure aims to reduce his weight of 590 kilos (1,300 pounds) by half. 

Pedro, who is based in Mexico, has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and chronic lung obstruction. His doctor, Jose Castaneda Cruz, said that he needs to reduce his weight significantly to avoid further health risks. 

The first procedure will involve removal of more than three-quarters of Pedro's stomach. 

The second procedure will partially block his remaining stomach to help him feel full when he eats. Pedro would  further undergo intestinal surgery.

Pedro, 32, became obese after spending six years in a hospital bed.  He has been living in a house with his mother. Pedro's mother remembers him to be an active boy singing in a choir, playing the guitar, and passionate with football. The family is unable to receive any medical care and as got no sufficient resources to buy nutritious food and medicines to manage his weight problem. 

Dr. Castaneda is keen to make him lose 59 kilos in a span of six months. This health plan will greatly reduce risk of obesity-related diseases by 52 percent. 

A 2014 study of OECD countries confirms that Mexico has a leading obesity of 32 percent in adults. United States places second at 36.5 percent.

2017 is certainly marked with new beginnings. This big step is a breakthrough both in science and humanity. Pedro's story is an inspiration to many individuals who are challenged to manage their weight and choose healthier options in terms of food and lifestyle. 

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