Watch Samsung Demonstrate Galaxy S4 S Translator, Air View, Dual Camera And More In New Videos

Samsung unveiled its new smartphone, the Galaxy S, on March 14 at an event in Times Square. Those who watched the launch or read about the device know by now that the phone sports a whole bunch of new software features, some of which are truly innovative.

Now Samsung offers several videos on YouTube demonstrating the software features, so if you didn't catch the launch event, you can take a look now:

S Translator

This should be one of the more useful features on the Galaxy S4 if you are located in a foreign country or find yourself in a situation where you need to translate foreign text quickly. The S Translator program allows for immediate translation of text or voice in applications like email, text messages and Samsung ChatOn. Both text-to-speech and speech-to-text options are available. Take a look at the video clip below.

Dual Camera

Samsung beefed things up for the S4 with a 13-megapixel rear camera and two-megapixel front camera. The real benefit is that you can use both cameras at the same time to take pictures and video. This means you don't have to be left out of pictures if you're the one snapping the photo. The feature also works for video calls, so you can show what you're looking at during a phone conversation. Take a look.

Sound & Shot

Another cool feature for the Galaxy S4 is Sound & Shot. This allows you to record voice or audio while taking a picture. Samsung describes it as a "multi-media diary." Check it out below.

Air View/ Air Gesture/ Glove Friendly

Air View was introduced back with the Galaxy Note 2, but that feature required the S-Pen. Now with the S4 you can just use your finger, allowing you to do things like preview images in an album without opening it and preview a point in a video without touching the screen. Air Gesture allows you to change music tracks or scroll a website without touching the screen. You can also answer a call just by waving your hand. The S4 is even suited for cold weather, since now you can make selections on the screen while wearing gloves.

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