First Ever BMW 6 Series GT Slated For Release In 2018

First Ever BMW 6 Series GT Slated For Release In 2018
The 5 Series GT, which was only recently launched, may not see the light of day again as BMW is now on the works in creating a new GT sports sedan, the BMW 6-Series GT. Photo : pure veneno/YouTube

BMW fans, most of them, were disappointed after setting eyes on the BMW 5-series GT. Some have said that the car is a giant half-breed that is painful to look at. The 5-series constantly and painstaking slow sales have finally caught the attention of the big bosses of BMW and decided to stop the production of the series. However, being businessmen themselves that are committed to the company's name and quality assurance, they have decided to give the consumers something better as a replacement, the all-new BMW 6-Series GT.

The 6-Series GT Will Have The M Sport Package

Reports regarding the 6-Series GT may still be rumors, for now, but several sources have spied upon a new prototype from BMW that appear to have a similar form as the 5-Series GT. Spy shots have been taken from a vehicle that may be equipped with the optional M Sport package. The vehicle also appears to be preparing to have a much nicer and sportier rear-end.

Bulky Air Vents And Blue Calipers In Front Of The 6-Series

Although the vehicle is still covered in a vinyl wrap with elliptical patterns, the front-end resembles that of a 5-Series GT. The M Sport package muscular air vents can be easily noticed on the front bumpers. And, blue brake calipers have also been fitted, a sign that the car would indeed be a performance vehicle.

6-Series GT Will Use The Same Platform As The 5-Series

The all-new BMW 6-Series GT would be using the same CLAR platform that the 5-Series GT have also used. The switch in platform could lessen the weight by about 137 pounds from its predecessor even with its wider and bigger body. Based on leaked reports, the BMW 6-Series GT will be sold in different variants.

Different Engine Options For Both Diesel And Petrol

The BMW 6-Series GT may be offered in 620d and 630d versions. A 3.0liter quad turbo inline six-cylinder xDrive engine would power the vehicles. The vehicle should be able to reach similar scores as a 750d that puts out 394 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. Petrol engines will also be offered in the form of 630i and 640i powered by a 4.4liter turbo V8 M550i xDrive engine that puts out 462 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque.

A New Relative To The iPerformance Family

Aside from the petrol and diesel engine options, the BMW 6-Series GT would also offer hybrid versions, namely; the 630e, 640e, and the 650e. The hybrid versions are set to be part of the iPerformance vehicle lineup. The vehicle would also come equipped with air suspensions; one is named "Executive Drive" which could possibly offer handling and comfort that reflects how premium a BMW could be.

In addition, consumers can opt to have the remote parking feature and the four-wheel steering feature installed on the BMW 6-Series GT sedans. The new BMW 6-Series GT sedan could be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, but until we get an official statement from BMW, all of us can only speculate at this time.

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