Valve Launches Steam Winter Sale; Tom Clancy's The Division 50% Off, Just Cause 3 75% Off & More

Valve already launched its Steam Winter Sale with a number of deals for PC gamers. If you have not filled your shopping list, this deals are sure to delight your gamer family members and friends over the holiday season.

Valve Steam Winter Sale

Included in the list of discounted titles are $13.74 Grim Dawn, 45% off; $9.89 Project Cars III, 67% off; $19.79 Doom 2016, 67% off; and $17.99 Assetto Corso, 40% off. Also included are $1.99 Insurgency, 80% off; $14.99 Just Cause 3, 75% off; and $24.99 Tom Clancy's the Division, 50% off.

Previously, Steam hardware were also included in the discounts including Steam Link that could be bargained for $20, 60% slashed off from the original $49.99 price. If controllers are added, the bundle will cost $49.48. The sad news only is that if players are hoping to get a discount for HTC Vive, it still costs $799. Steam Winter Sales will end on January 2, 2017.

Valve Also Kicking Off Steam Awards 2016

Steam Awards 2016 nominees were chosen during the company's fall sale. During the event, players were allowed to pick a winner from hilarious categories.

Valve Rolls Out Dota 2 Patch

Dota 2 version 7.00 has just been released. The update, according to gamers, felt like the biggest update yet since it is way beyond balance and graphical tweaks. Valve previously promised that the new heroes will be added post Dota 2 reaching parity with predecessor. Although the promise took awhile to manifest, Dota 2 7.00 version brought it in with Monkey king.

Dota 2 analysts say that it made sense why Valve had to wait to make new characters get in; they waited for all of the previous ones to be implemented in the Dota 2. Majority of the game's design work were already done, and that this saved them from fans' looking for Arc Warden, Winter Wyvern, and Techies.


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