Apple's iPhone 7 Is Said To Be A 'Boring' Smartphone

iPhone 7 is one of the most anticipated Apple product of the year. Along with its family, which is the iPhone 7 Plus, it really gives Apple fans a very valuable experience when it was released.

Apple's iPhone 7 -- A Boring Smartphone

That's how almost everyone, even Apple fans, felt about the iPhone 7 before the company even announced it. Before anyone even got to see it in person. And most importantly, before anyone even got to use it for any extended period of time, said Raymond Wong, a reliable reporter from Mashable.

As per Forbes, the launch and release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are great examples of how Apple can extend its influence and create more revenue and income from what is arguably the same handset as the one released in 2014.

Apple’s Highest Revenue Due To iPhone 7

According to BGR, analysts are anticipating that the device will help Apple to set a new quarterly record for revenue once the company’s fiscal first quarter comes to a close in just a few days. For the record, Apple’s best quarter was its 2015 holiday quarter when it posted a quarterly profit of $18.4 billion on the back of an astounding $75.9 billion in revenue.

Now comes word from Brean Capital analyst Ananda Barua, this quarter, Apple may finally pass the elusive $76 billion mark for revenue, a threshold is steadily approaching for a few years now. Strong iPhone sales will account for most of the heavy lifting this quarter, with Baruah projecting Apple to deliver anywhere between 77 and 78 million in unit sales.

“Case in point, we believe it to be entirely possible that initially there is just one iPhone 8 model (the Plus + size), which we believe could mute overall iPhone shipments,” Baruah wrote. “Given the lack of model clarity, along with lack of super compelling new features and, frankly, higher ASPs in the U.S given the roll-back of carrier subsidies, competition in China, and higher ASPs in India, we believe it’s possible that the CY’18 demand is more muted that what we’d all originally envisioned.”


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