Mash-Up Minecraft Fallout Edition Releases Massive DLC Update For Consoles

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, decided to celebrate Christmas a little differently with other games. Instead of just releasing its own holiday DLC, Mojang teamed up with Bethesda to make a mash-up with Fallout. The result? The Minecraft and Fallout mash-up provided a massive holiday DLC complete with new skins, blocks, mobs, items and some big changes into the game.

New Things With The Minecraft And Fallout Mash-Up Christmas Update

With the holiday update to the mash-up pack, payers will be able to fly in the Console Editions of the pack thanks to the new Elytra item. The Elytra can be found in the realm in "The End." Speaking of that, Mojang also updated that part of the game with the addition of End Ships and End Cities. New status effects including Luck and Levitation are also included. Players can also craft new potions in the Minecraft using Dragon's Breath. For players who are still unsure of Elytra, there is a new Tutorial world included on how players can get the item.

Fallout And Minecraft Mash-Up Holiday Update

The Minecraft and Fallout mash-up was announced earlier this month. The announcement hinted of new skins and maps to come with the upcoming update. Windows Central confirms that the Merry Bundle is now available for players to get all these and more. For a price of $7, players can get the Battle Map, Skin Pack and of course, the Fallout Mash-Up Pack.

Included in the pack are the 44 new skins taking inspiration from characters like Nick Valentine, Vault Boy, Tinker Tom, Fawkes and others. A UI overhaul is also part of the update and is Fallout-inspired. Gamers will also find similar songs in the Minecraft mash-up with Fallout since Mojang updated the game by using songs from the Fallout series. As a Mojang representative puts it, they made Minecraft an irradiated wasteland to cater Fallout fans.

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