Parkinson's News: Exercise Might Be An Effective Cure

Parkinson's patients are in for a treat because a recent study has confirmed that almost any exercise is a good medicine for the condition. The study agrees to the concept that exercise can truly have a long-term impact whereby gait can be improved and risk for falls can be reduced.

Parkinson's disease is a progressive condition of the nervous system. The brain produces less dopamine which contributes to the loss of movement control. This is why the condition is marked by tremor, muscular rigidity and slow, imprecise movement.

As per WebMD, The study conducted a review whereby outcomes from 100 studies from over the last 30 years are measured and evaluated. The studies focused on the effects of exercise with Parkinson's patients and it revealed that physical activity contributed to the patients' strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.

"I pretty much never see a Parkinson's disease patient without recommending exercise, When I started my career, we always said exercise is like a drug for Parkinson's disease. Now we say it and kind of mean it." Dr. Michael Okun, medical director of the Parkinson's Foundation says.

It is with great joy that the Parkinson's Foundation claim that medication and exercise combined can be considered as a part of treatment. CBC reports that a recommended form of exercise is boxing training as the program enhances and keeps the mind sharp with the footwork and punching combinations involved in it.

Boxing is a fast-paced cardio exercise that can help in producing and increasing the dopamine levels in one's brain. It is an exercise that can be done at the person's own pace. A great thing about this sport is that the footwork, bag drills and stretches are proven effective in promoting strength and flexibility in Parkinson's patients.

The famous sport is a great physical activity that has been patronized and recommended to Parkinson's patients since the 1980's. Now that any physical activity or form of exercise is confirmed as a part of treatment, those who suffer from Parkinson's can now have a new avenue of hope and enjoyment.

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