PlayStation VR Review: A Headset That Promises The Future

The PlayStation VR offers a good feeling although it is still early to know if the company will succeed in its VR sales. Things are looking encouraging primarily because Sony can boast of its reputation as a global leader in hardware. The recent PlayStation 4 has been a very interesting catalog of video games.

But is virtual reality the future of electronic entertainment? It would be premature to give a reply to that question. The truth is that VR sensations are phenomenal and offer an immersive experience, but right now when technology is only in its incipient stage, it's difficult to ensure what lies ahead.

The proposal of the Japanese giant is, above all, elegant and accessible. It has a very comfortable design. Wearing the VR is very easy given it has an adjustable headband and a wheel to tighten it perfectly. At first, yes, one would have to calibrate the device accordingly.

The VR's installation requires a certain time commitment. It takes some time to connect the headset to the console and even enjoy the remarkable real-life game experience. It is advisable to try the VR beforehand because the virtual reality headset can cause dizziness among some users.

The VR is connected with two HDMI cables that are linked to the camera. The camera doesn't come with the kit and is absolutely required if one wants to purchase a VR headset, according to Mercury News.

Despite the materials used (polycarbonate), the design is elegant and is very careful. The VR does not weigh much; it's about 610 grams which is heavier than other VR headsets including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift which weight about 550 and 470 grams respectively, according to Sci-Tech Today.

PlayStation's VR incorporates a 5.7-inch screen using OLED technology which provides the user full HD resolution. Along with this, it's fluid refresh rate ranges from 90 to 120 Hz. This is quite a swift refresh rate and has potential of achieving a lot of popularity because of the smoothness of images

One negative aspect of the device is that it is not able to track our movement to perfection. It has a field view of around a 100 degrees, which is also lower than other existing models on the market. But during tests, Sony's VR has not been a major drawback to feel within a virtual environment.

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