When Technology Fuses With The Human Body

With the diminishing distance between humans and technology, things are getting very confusing lately. Due to the possibility of making machines that work just like the human brain and replicating processes such as seeing and hearing, virtual reality has started seeming more real.

As Techcrunch says, the human brain has evolved and changed over time, doing its best to enhance the chances of our survival. Learning how the brain operates and reacts to different situations can help researchers recreate those scenarios and operate machines similar to the human brains in them.

The fun begins when they add their desired modifications and see the how the brain can respond to those potential situations. This has led to the "re-training" of certain parts of the brain that can function in place of the non-operating areas to maximize the brain's output.

In fact, virtual reality opens portals for learning, which are not even possible in reality. By discovering methods to amplify the strength and speed of synapses in the nervous system, more avenues in this regard can be explored.

It is believed that with such high-tech knowledge even Transcendence and Virtual Reality pods are a possibility now! As Tech News Tube states that with developing technologies like those by eNose Company, it should not be hard to consider a complete set of virtual reality gear a likelihood now.

In fact, what our brain sees is not actually the reality; it is only its perception. Hence the virtual world has just turned everything more real. With these ever increasing scientific advancements, the merger between technology and human bodies is getting more significant.

The concept behind this merger is to understand, scrutinize and study in detail how the human brain works and responds to various stimuli, and then create artificial models which help further our comprehension. However, an all-encompassing and thorough study of the brain is required before any replica can be created.

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