Facebook In Partnership With Top Tech Universities For Faster Collaboration

In an attempt to increase its influence and grow limitlessly in the virtual world, Facebook just entered into a collaboration with one of the most renowned research institutes in the world, Harvard, Princeton and University of Waterloo to name a few.

This partnership is aimed towards the swift advancements in technological happenings and research carried out by these top universities, operating together in fields like artificial intelligence and cyber security etc.

Although the details of the association with the universities weren't disclosed by the Facebook officials, they have assured the great pace of research with these institutes.Specifying the areas in which a collaboration with Facebook is possible, the director of research at the University of Waterloo expressed excitement over the partnership.

Furthermore, the institute's distinct features, which made it the only Canadian university selected, were also proudly highlighted. According to CBC News, one of the technology development officials at Harvard also voiced his enthusiasm, discussing how Harvard is ready to step on board with the project instantly.

This affiliation also indicates that universities are the most appropriate place for such technological advancements to be carried out. It was further announced that the universities involved would receive monetary payment, though the exact amount was not revealed.

Despite the revenue generated by WhatsApp and similar products of Facebook, the company wants to increase its yields and find other novel ways to increase proceeds besides the traditional ones. An official at the finance office hinted at a prosperous 2017 for Facebook, with intensified investments and greater expenses.

Both the collaboration with the leading world institutes as well as its increased involvement in unconventional projects are indicative of Facebook's success shooting up. Users of Reddit say that names like Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rice and California Institute of Technology indicate the strength and caliber of the educational institutes involved.

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