Pokemon Go Update: Christmas Event Confirmed; Free Incubators And Eggs As Bonus

After the series of rumors regarding the release of Pokemon Go's Christmas Event, it was recently announced by Niantic that they will be hosting the event starting December 25 until January 3, 2017. Apparently, it seems like the company has offered their players some nice treats this upcoming event.

According to the report from Otakukart, players will be given free single use incubator by achieving first spin of the day each day. That means Pokemon Go fans can get a maximum of 10 incubators during the whole duration of the event. In addition, it was also reported that chances of dropping Johto Eggs will increase in each PokeStop.

Based on the report, this will be the perfect opportunity for trainers to acquire a generation 2 Pokemon. If you really want to hatch a Johto Egg, it was highly recommended that you should try your best to hatch the eggs you already possessed and make room on your bag before December 25.

Basically, most trainers tend to make use of their single use Incubators that they will acquire during the event on the generation 2 Eggs. However, if hatching Johto Eggs are not important to you then utilize your Incubators in a way you want.

On other news, rumors regarding the release of the generation 2 update have been increasing and fans are hyped to fully experience this upcoming major update from Pokemon Go. In addition, they are excited to catch these new set of Pokemon that is expected to be added in the roster.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Breeding System feature is highly expected to arrive in Gen 2 patch since Niantic has now introduced the Baby Pokemon. Following the set of rumors regarding Gen 2, the most-anticipated release of the other major updates such as Trading and PVP are also expected to arrive by early next year.

Overall, it seems like Niantic is doing great on launching updates and hosting Events lately which slowly regaining the game's reputation after a massive backlash during the mid-quarter of the year.


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