Minecraft News And Update: The Latest Map Bundle For PC Realms Released; Seven Areas To Explore, Plus Six Mini Games

Mojang, the game developer of Minecraft has recently released a new map bundle intended for PC Realms. This recent 1.11.1 update features a winter/holiday themed bundle of maps just in time for the holidays. The developer has previously launched a map bundle with a Halloween theme. It seems that the November launch was successful and the company is following it up with another one.

An Update For Consoles Was Released Earlier

Earlier, Mojang also released the latest update of Minecraft for consoles intended to bring this platform closer to those released for PCs. This 1.10 console update makes considerable changes to the endgame content. It also added a set of new blocks, mobs, and items. Also added to The End are End Ships and End Cities.

With this 1.10 console update, the old drab features of the final area of Minecraft will be given more life and character. This particular update also comes with a chest plate-slot item called Elytra. If the game character wears it, he will be able to take to the air and fly, making his work easier and faster. But the player cannot build Elytra because it is found only in The End.

The Latest Update For PCs Include Cool Items

Meanwhile, the map bundle of the latest Minecraft 1.11.1 update for PCs includes ChildOfStars and Naughty List by The Naughty Elves, Frosty Wind by TheTicMan, Christmas Brawl by MineMakers and Ice Wars by Team Noot. The developer describes the winter-themed map as "a bit more cerebral of an experience."

The players must give the elves Christmas gifts that they like, for if not, they will be displeased. Therefore, choosing the right gift for the right elf is something of a challenge to the player. This kind of makes holiday shopping for the villagers a bit of a distress. This Minecraft update for PCs includes seven areas that the player can explore, plus a number of cool items such as iron nuggets, sword improvements, and Elytra-equipped rockets.

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