Snapchat's Glitch Issues Leads To Distressed Users

Snapchat has been reportedly facing a lot of troubles recently since many users have reported the existence of some glitch issues that prevent them from refreshing the feed. In fact, some of these people got to the point of deleting and re-installing the app, but the problem didn't get solved which has created a huge concern and a lot of anger from many users.

The Glitch Issues Hasn't Been Solved

According to Fortune, many people expressed their distress on Twitter, explaining the glitch issues and how Snapchat wasn't loading even if they do the normal measures to fix these kinds of problems. In fact, there was a user who even explained that the glitch issues resulted to loss of memories that were saved from the last two days.

Regarding this delicate situation, Snapchat confirmed via Twitter that many people were having problems with the app, and that the company was already looking for a way to fix it. However, these glitch issues haven't been solved yet, which is not exactly a good moment for a company that wasn't expecting any this kind of delicate situation at this moment, which is probably the most important period of time in the year, considering how many users get on the different social media networks.

Snapchat Has Recently Been Sued

The glitch issues also represent another huge setback for Snapchat, given the fact that the glass company Eyebobs recently made a suit against the app for using a similar logo to promote its new Spectacles. Naturally, this is something that could harm Snapchat´s image in one of its most delicate moments ever, in which many other social media are copying some of its features, and the company is about to go public. Nevertheless, the glitch problems are expected to be solved in the shortest time possible, so people could use the app without any problem.

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