Artificial Intelligence: New Tool To Create Cancer-Killing Drugs.

Artificial intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines. An intelligent machine has the ability to analyze its environment and take actions to obtain a set goal with high chances of success.

With a rapid development of supercomputers, application of artificial intelligence to all fields of life is becoming the norm. In the field of science health, an introduction of artificial intelligence can revolutionize how diseases are being treated.

Over the recent years, in the field of medicine, use of advanced computers is being used to help scientists understand how cancer forms and give more insight on how normal cells warp and turn to cancer.

Not only is artificial intelligence being employed to learn how cancer evolves, companies are now looking on how to utilize the power of computers to develop tailor-made drugs to effectively fight cancer and in some cases reverse the process where normal cells evolve into malignant cells.

The two models for machine learning are generative and discriminative. A discriminative model is a machine learning process where the machine discriminates between two or more classes of data.

On the other hand, a generative model does not know about classes of data. Instead, new data is generated which fits the distribution of data.

In a recent publication of Oncotarget dated December 22, 2016, a relatively new framework of non-parametric approach is now being employed for deep generative models, known as Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). Invented by Ian Goodfellow in 2014, GANs have generated meaningful images according to described descriptions.

Scientists at Pharmaceutical Artificial Intelligence group of In Sillico Medicine Inc. announced the publication of the paper that demonstrates the application of generative adversarial encoders AAEs. With this kind of step up in artificial intelligence, hopefully, more effective cancer cures will be discovered in the future.

Cancer Research UK's Dr. Alan Worsley stated that we were only at the beginning of harnessing the huge advantages of artificial intelligence to better understand cancer as reported by the BBC.

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