Microsoft Designs 'Xbox Scorpio' To Beat 'PlayStation 4 Pro'

Phil Spencer Suffers From 'Amnesia' As He Expresses Righteous Anger Against Sony
Phil Spencer seemed to have forgotten as he expresses his ire towards Sony that Microsoft employed the same tactics against its rival before. Photo : YouTube/ TGN

Given this great advantage, the Scorpio could be hailed as the best, as it is the hands-down, most powerful gaming console to ever be made by any manufacturer. At the start of the century, 2001 to be specific, the XBox was released and was then heavily pitted against the Sony's Play Station. The said company has launched the fourth incarnation of their flagship console way back three years ago.

Xbox Scorpio plans to destroy the PlayStation 4 Pro

According to Mobile N Apps, Sony has announced the prospect of coming up with a greatly revamped version of the popular PS4, one which is better developed, in both technological and aesthetic means.

Having said that on November 10, Sony unleashed the Play Station 4 Pro, costing just under $400, at $399.While fans of the Pro version of the Play Station 4 have already raved and went wild over this brand new release, Microsoft, on the other hand, has announced the launching of a revamped version of their flagship gaming console, the Xbox Scorpio, which is slated for proper launching something in 2017, on a to-be-specified date.

According to Games Industry, its power in terms of its computing ability is poised to be its major edge and is thus what makes it so much better over Sony's Play Station 4 Pro, this is according to a report made by iTechpost.

The stunning 6 TFLOS speed for computing is much faster than competitors, with the Play Station 4 Pro's GPU paling in comparison at a mere 4.2 Teraflops computing speed.

Xbox Scorpio to make a worldwide phenomenon

This extra fast computing speed for the Xbox Scorpio puts it on a pedestal above all other gaming consoles out in the market today, the moment it gets released. While this update would surely leave several gaming and technology enthusiasts stunned and overwhelmed, it is perfectly normal for them to make guesses on the price as well, most especially that Microsoft is yet to release any further details on how much it would actually cost.

According to an article found on however, the Xbox Scorpio is believed to cost roughly the same as that of the Play Station 4. Also, Phil Spencer states that while costing remains unannounced as of the moment, the Xbox Scorpio will most definitely be made in such a way that it would cater to the expectations and demand of the buyers, hence not leaving them disappointed a single bit. The release of the Xbox Scorpio in 2017 is believed to mark the beginning of gaming's future.

For those who are game console fanatics, seeing this advancement in technology could give us a hint on what the consoles of the future would hold. It could be expected, most definitely, that gaming consoles and other gadgets of the future would top the 6 TFLOS speed of the Xbox Scorpio. But while this remains undefeated, it's best to enjoy this unparalleled speed.

With all of these being said, the Xbox Scorpio will surely be a massive upgrade to our present consoles. Truly, this would improve our gaming experience.

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