Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 Could Be The Highest Grossing Phone Of 2017

By JR O. , Dec 27, 2016 02:52 AM EST
It seems like things are looking good for the Note 8. (Photo : Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

This year, Samsung has made headlines more often than expected. With Note 7's explosion controversy that led to the device's total discontinuation, the company has clearly had its fair share of media exposure this 2016. Nevertheless, what seemed to appear as a very negative thing at first, later turned out to be the opposite. As it turned out, when Samsung recalled the Note 7, not every buyer participated. Up until December this year, there are still a number of Galaxy Note 7 owners who are still holding on to their phones. This only means that the Note 7 is one amazing phone had it not been for the explosion controversy. This is also a good forecast as to what awaits the Galaxy Note 8. Based on consumers' behavior towards the Note 7, it seems like things are looking good for the Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 December Recall Update

Take note that Samsung has to go all the way to make its recall program successful. Gizmodo said that new updates will be rolled out to the remaining Galaxy Note 7 units that will practically brick the devices. Basically, these updates will stop or limit the phones' charging and disable their network and connectivity. Without connections and with battery limitations, the remaining Note 7 devices will be as useful as a piece of brick.

What this says is that there are still people who want to keep their Note 7 for as long as they can. This suggests that there are actually people who are mad about the recall and are rebellious enough to defy it. With that said, we can say that the Galaxy Note 7 is one good smartphone and had it not been with the explosion fail, this device could have made it big. Most Note 7 owners weren't happy at all about the recall. Comment sections and online communities have seen people testify to keeping their Note 7 despite Samsung's utter request for a recall. This only means that the Galaxy Note series' reputation isn't as stained as it is expected to be.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 As A High Grossing Phone Of 2017

Now that the Note 7 has already proven how worthy it is for its buyers, it's easy to assume that these people are awaiting the arrival of the Note 8. People who were reluctant to return their Galaxy Note 7 are probably already excited for the arrival of the Galaxy Note 8. This only suggests that the said successor will hit it big gross-wise when it gets released. Sure, Samsung has lost a lot when the Note 7 got recalled. However, recalls are a big part of the business and the company may be, in one way or another, prepared for such an incident. What's important is that moving forward, things look bright for Samsung.

It's kind of a blessing in disguise that the Note series is a practically hard to replace smartphone model. Because people can't find an easy replacement for the Note 7, they have to wait for the Note 8, which simply suggests a good future for the said successor. There is practically no other option for a phablet-sized smartphone with premium specs and a stylus aside from a Samsung Galaxy Note device. With that said, people who ditched their Note 7 during the recall have no other choices but to wait for the Note 8 or go back to the Note 5. The former, of course, is probably a more popular option.

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