Ebola Vaccine Trials: How Much Science Has Advanced

The Ebola vaccine trials carried out by several health organizations from different nations finally delivered a positive result. The latest vaccine formulated by experts was found out to effectively provide a hundred percent protection against the Ebola virus as revealed by recent reports.

The experimental vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus was led by the World Health Organization, Norway's Institute of Public Health, Guinean Health Ministry, and several more institutions. The rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine which was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the United States Army over a decade ago was used in the Ebola trial. Results were released in The Lancet last Thursday, Dec. 22.

According to the report, the said vaccine is the first to prevent the infections brought about by Ebola. The experiment was done on humans, particularly involving 11,841 residents of Guinea, West Africa, when the spread of the epidemic was already diminishing. Results showed that 100 percent protection can be provided by the vaccine as reported by WQAD.

Among the participants, 5,837 people injected with the vaccine were spared from the lethal epidemic in the ten-day window after the vaccination. There were however 23 recorded Ebola cases among those who were not able to receive the vaccine immediately.

These latest Ebola vaccine trials though reportedly have minor flaws which were verified by the testing experts. The vaccine is said to be effective only against two strains of the Ebola virus and might not keep the recipient protected for a long time. Some side effects reported by those who participated in the study were headaches and joint pains were two of the notable reactions.

Also, the developed vaccine has not yet been approved by, but the results deem it highly effective that 300,000 doses of emergency stockpile were already formulated and are now ready to use in case of another outbreak.

It can be recalled that the Ebola virus was discovered by experts in 1976. As the effects led to a grotesque nature of deaths, the sense of urgency among researchers rose and laboratories have then been alerted to carry out Ebola vaccine trials until a successful formula is found.

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