iPhone 6 Features and Specs: Rumor Roundup

The iPhone 6 has been the subject of some juicy rumors lately. We combed the interwebs for every scrap of information regarding Apple's upcoming iOS offering and we've conveniently aggregated it all here for you in this rumor roundup:

Release Date

A number of media outlets have reported various release dates ranging from later this year to mid-2014. If the release happens in 2013, it will probably be either in June or October.

It's still unclear whether the rumored iPhone 5S will be released at the same time, or at all, for that matter


Any rumor about the design of future iPhone models should always be taken with a grain of salt. Photoshop wizards have been creating rendered concept images of bezel-less iPhones since the very first iteration, but Apple has yet to deliver.     

As always, there's some new reason why talk of a larger screen should be entertained. This year, it's a fact that all of Apple's competitors are releasing smartphones with larger screens. As we all know, though, Apple's never been a follower.

We've heard about a 4.2 and 4.6-inch iPhone, and some have even floated the idea of a 4.8-inch XL iPhone 6.

Most likely, the dimensions of the iPhone 6 will be comparable to the iPhone 5. If the screen is to be bigger, it'll be via real estate retaken from the bezel.


Do you honestly care if Apple calls its next processor the A6X or A7 chip? Neither do we. What we do care about is what it will actually be capable of.

With Samsung's Galaxy S4 sporting an octa-core processor, it's reasonable to assume Apple's next handset will at least feature four cores.

One of the more interesting things we've heard is the possibility of Apple outsourcing its chip fabrication to Intel. If that occurs and Intel opts not to emulate Apple's ARM infrastructure, we could in fact be in store for something radically different in the iPhone 6.

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