Jaunt Partners With Xiaomi For Xiaomi VR, Launches App for PlayStation VR

Jaunt, a cinematic content provider that shoots, edits, and distributes videos for virtual reality, appears to be very busy these days especially with its recent partnership with Xiaomi.

Jaunt China was launched this year with Shanghai Media Group and China Media Capital.

It seems China's consumer electronic company Xiaomi is interested in having a slice of virtual reality pie. Through a partnership with Jaunt, Xiaomi will be widening its VR capabilities. According to a report from NDTV, Jaunt will lend a guiding hand in app and content development for Xiaomi's virtual reality headset, the Mi VR which was launched in October.

"Xiaomi expects more high-quality VR videos produced by Jaunt on our platform," says the General Manager of Xiaomi VR, Tang Mu.

"The partnership with Xiaomi gives confidence," says Fang Gan, the CEO of Jaunt China.

China promises a massive potential market for VR with an estimated market worth of 5.55 billion yuan, according to independent analyzer iiMedia Research. Xiaomi will not be the last company to jump on that chance. Chinese companies including Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, are also apparently beginning to invest into the new VR market. A great increase in software and harder for virtual reality is obviously expected very soon.

The deal between Oculus and Samsung, where an app from Oculus for Samsung Galaxy Gear VR was developed, will likely be the same for Jaunt and Xiaomi.

In related news, Jaunt has announced the launch of its application on Sony's PlayStation VR. Players will enjoy around 150 title selection from diverse genres like travel, sports, music, and horror. It will include Pure McCartney Experience, The Lion King, Escape the Living Dead, and other 360-degree documentaries.

PlayStation VR seems to be the last to receive access to Vault VR. Major platforms Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard/Daydream users have had access for a while.

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