Boil Order Issued In Lindon After Water Tested Positive For E. Coli

On December 23, Lindon City found Escherichia coli bacteria (E. coli) from the city's water supply, so a boiling order was released. Right now, residents are told that they should continue to boil tap water before drinking until the holiday weekend as water samples continue to be tested.

Lindon City Administrator released a statement which reads: "Please prepare [your] household and get water bottles or other items from stores while they are still open today - and don't forget the milk. Results from recently taken water samples may not be clear until Sunday afternoon."

E. coli contamination comes when you get in contact with animal or human feces or stool, or when you drink water or eat food that has been contaminated by feces. According to Good4Utah, the infection can cause stomach or intestinal illness.

Lindon City Is Flushing And Chlorinating The Water System To Cleanse It

The city, The Washington Times said, is taking more water samples and will let residents know once the water supply is approved for normal consumption again. They are flushing and chlorinating the culinary water system in order to cleanse it. Lindon City Administrator Adam Cowie said that they are working with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality and Utah County Health Department to make sure this issue is resolved.

E.coli Contamination May Have Come From Broken Pipes

According to the Daily Herald, the sample which tested positive for E. coli turned up during a monthly routine testing. The contamination could come from different sources like broken pipes, run-off entering the system or a failure at the water treatment facility.

The water supply has been deemed safe, but residents still need to flush out their own plumbing and discard ice that could possibly be contaminated. Lindon city inhabitants are also advised to flush out heated water, cycle water softeners and change filters in reverse osmosis systems.

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