Bring Back The Escape Key On the MacBook Pro With Touch Bar, Here´s How

The MacBook Pro Touch Bar has become the most controversial innovation that tech giant Apple released in any of its products launched this year, since replacing the function keys represent a major change that customers could take time to get used to. In fact, this could even end up being a major fiasco, considering that the escape key and the rest of this strip has been something that has existed both in laptops and desktops since day one.

Recovering The Escape Key In Just A Few Steps

Given this delicate situation, CNET reported that the Cupertino company is now offering an easy guide to bring back this escape key on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar, being a so simple process that customers wouldn't last more than 5 minutes in doing it. Naturally, this could increase their confidence in this device, considering that the old-school function keys can still be used.

If you want to remap a key as the Escape key the first thing you have to do is to open System Preferences and click Keyboard. Then you´ll have to click on the tab that will appear at the top and click Modifier Keys Button, so then you just have to click Caps Lock, Control, Command or Option key to act as the well-known Escape key, and click OK.

This Is Also Possible On Any Mac Running MacOS Sierra

As reported by Mac World, these little steps to recover the escape key on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can also be performed on any single Mac running MacOS Sierra, which is a clever move from the Cupertino company, given the fact that several customers use this kind of devices.

Although the escape key shows up in the usual spot with the MacBook Pro that includes the Touch Bar, this happens exclusively when you´re into some specifics apps, which means that this disappears when you´re not using them. Although it´s too soon to make a conclusion about this new feature, Apple will have to provide these kinds of solutions in order to prevent the Touch Bar from dysfunctioning.

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