Civilization 6 Mac DLC Update: No Winter Update Arriving Soon?

Aspyr Media has already made it clear in an announcement that they will not be releasing updates for Civilization 6 Mac DLC's Winter 2016 up until the holidays are over. New Poland Civilizations, new Wonders within the game, and Viking scenarios are being included in this new update. The update for Civilization 6 Mac DLC will be coming after the early part of January.

In Aspyr Media's Twitter account, they have tweeted that Mac Players will not be receiving any related updates to the Winter patches since Aspyr Media is still identifying problems that may take weeks or even a few months to fix. In addition, it also depends on what kind of problem will they be encountering, as The Bitbag reported.

Players will thus have to stick to the PC version of the game since Civilization 6 Mac DLC will not be happening within this month. This latest Winter 2016 update will include the Polish Civilization, Jadwiga, Viking scenarios, and the new City States and Natural Wonders.

The Civilization 5 Culture Bomb in Civilization 6 can work well with Poland as it is the only Civilization that can go along with it thus allowing players to expand and steal territories within the game. As a Polish leader, Jadwiga, players can let the Culture Bombed cities to convert into Poland's religion thus generating a Civilization's major and expanded religious powerhouse.

In order to score best in the game, the Viking scenarios encourage players in limited turn modes so that they can perform to more constrained guidelines. Aside from these added scenarios, the DLC will feature new City States and Natural Wonders that offers exclusive bonuses to the game.

As the PC and Mac builds are unequal in content, crossplay between the platforms will now be on pause. It won't be available until Aspyr Media launches the Civilization 6 Mac DLC for the Winter 2016 update which is after they evaluate the update for the Mac version. At best, this will be weeks of waiting for Civilization 6 Mac gamers.


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