Google Pixel And Pixel XL Freezing Issues A Growing Concern

The release of Google's Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones was met with excitement and those who got them was more than happy. But now, it seems like the smiles are turning into frowns after a number of issues were discovered.

Google hit a bit of a snag even before the phones were released. Because of the hype surrounding the Pixel and Pixel XL, demands were high. Unfortunately, Google couldn't keep up so they figured a $50 credit would make up for it. However, it seems like it would have been better if they delayed their release even more and looked at the possible problems it is now facing.

One particular issue is the freezing of the phones' display.

In some cases, the display freezes for only a few seconds. However, there are some incidents in which the display froze for more than a minute.

Over at Google's support forum, owners of the Pixel and Pixel XL have been voicing their disappointment.

A certain Bula Bone wrote,

"I would get freezing multiple times a day and I'm on my 3rd-pixel xl from Verizon... after seeing this thread, all I did was factory reset and not re-install Life 360... now I'm on my 4th day with no freezing... but I still use google maps every day with navigation & weather widget which both hit the GPS. So, if it is GPS that is bad... shouldn't it freeze no matter what GPS app I use?"

As with most of the comments in the forum, the problem seems to be caused by Life 360, an app that allows the user to stay in close contact with family and friends. But there are cases in which the phones' display freezes even if it didn't have the app.

That's what VA-Jeep claims in his comment which read:

"I've never had Life 360 on my device and it locks up constantly. Only did it twice before the 7.1.1 update. After the update, it locks up after every restart, in poor coverage areas or at random times. Sometimes I turn on the Wi-Fi, there really is no specific recipe for what makes it happen."

There's still no official word from Google as of this writing but many are coming up with their own speculations as to why the freezing happens.

Dave Renouf said in the forum that he "had the freezing issue and figured out that when the display was cold, the touch screen stop[ed] working until it warmed up". He also noted that even if the Pixel phone seems unresponsive, it is only the screen that is dead. While in a "frozen state", the buttons supposedly still work.

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