A Techie Wishlist For The Next Release Of Apple AirPods

The most anticipated wishlist for the next release of Apple AirPods is to have a Siri speakers, a different and new design and additional wearables.

A Techie Wishlist For The Next Release Of Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are considered new hotness and on its top pick. Unfortunately, not all people who experienced its greatness are satisfied on its design and performance. Yes, it's awesome however, it is not perfect.

As iMore reported, many users are listing their wishes for the nest release of the Apple AirPods. The wishlist is as follows.

  • Ship more sooner
  • Black and red color option
  • Fashion options like Apple Watch bands
  • USB-C instead of Lightning for charging
  • BT tie-clip with manual controls for volume and skipping
  • Swappable tips to fit a wider variety of ears.
  • Offline Siri, because you need to be able to command when
  • Proper Apple TV support
  • Find my AirPods feature

Here are more issues and wishes for the Apple wireless AirPods.

Apple's Siri On AirPods

Siri on AirPods is the assistant that can’t handle back-and-forth conversation as well as services. Siri is as great as a real assistant that is residing in your iPhone. But in relation with the AirPods, Siri is not that responding, according to The Verge. Many users are hoping that Apple will do something about it since Siri is a very useful feature.

Resolved Bluetooth Issues

Let us face it. In a techie world like what we are living today, wireless headsets are very useful but come with many challenges. Unfortunately, Apple can't break the laws of physics. Instead, it built the W1 chip to deal with issues such as audio synchronization, lag and increasing the usability of the pairing process. The Verge's Sean O'Kane looks at the W1 solution:

Each AirPod is actually receiving its own Bluetooth channel independently at the same time, and it's the W1 chip that handles the syncing. The result is very low latency and also a very reliable connection. This is an approach that every other wireless earbud company avoided, and yet Apple found a way to make it work very, very well.

W1 is Apple at its best - it's a proprietary technology that solves real problems, helps open up new use cases, and pushes the industry forward. The trade-off is you just have to submit to some ecosystem lock-in.


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