Samsung Galaxy S4: Top 5 Features You'll Love

Samsung took the wraps off its much-rumored and eagerly anticipated Galaxy S4 smartphone a week ago. The successor to the best-selling Galaxy S3 packs in some novel features that will give rival smartphone makers a run for their money.

Here we take a look at the top five features of the Galaxy S4 that have upped the ante for upcoming flagships:

1. Air View/Air Gesture

The Air Gesture feature enables users to receive and/or reject calls, change music tracks, browse the Internet and photos without physically touching the Galaxy S4. This feature enables users to navigate without tapping or swiping on the screen.

Air View, on the other hand, lets users preview emails, photos, videos, S Planner content and more by simply hovering a finger over the screen. The Air View feature is present in the Galaxy Note 2, but it allows you to preview content by hovering the S Pen stylus and not your finger.

2. Smart Pause/Smart Scroll

Samsung introduced the Smart Stay features in the predecessor Galaxy S3 and has taken it a step ahead in the Galaxy S4. The Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features are built on the much-touted eye-recognition technology and tracks the movement of your eyes.

The Smart Pause and Smart Scroll features sense when a user is glancing at the screen of the phone or looking away. Consequently, the Smart Scroll feature, as the name suggests, enables scrolling up and down Web pages and emails when one tilts the phone, provided one is looking at the screen. The Smart Pause feature pauses and resumes videos depending on whether you are looking at the screen or not.

3. Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Wanna know the temperature outside or how humid it is? No sweat! The Galaxy S4 has temperature and humidity sensors built in, which detect the temperature and humidity of your surroundings.

4. Dual Camera

The Dual camera feature enables you to click photos with the Galaxy S4's primary as well as secondary cameras simultaneously. What's more, you can even capture nine seconds of audio while taking a snapshot.

You also have the option to choose from an assortment of frame effects, which blend both the images naturally, adjusting the size of the smaller picture inside the larger one. There are eight different ways available to combine the two images taken by the front- and rear-facing cameras.

5. Group Play

The Galaxy S4's Group Play feature lets users transfer and instantly view documents and/or photos, play music files, games and more to other Galaxy S4 handsets. Users can connect easily with other Galaxy S4 users to share, play and co-create content instantaneously. What's more, there's no need for a wireless access point or cellular signal.

The feature even supports multi-player games. The Share Music option will let you and friends who also own the Galaxy S4 to have the same song playing on multiple phones in sync, to create a party atmosphere.

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