Square Enix Files Patent For A New IP? Is It A Mobile Game?

Is Square Enix trying to introduce a new IP? A recent report has indicated that the Japanese video game developer and publishing company has initiated a trademark filing. This initiative gave a hint on what the Japanese company is planning to accomplish.

Square Enix Filed Its Patent With The Japan Patent Office

The Japan Patent Office said that a 'Studio Istolia' trademark was filed by Square Enix in Japan on Dec. 2, 2016. The patent application of the company was only recently published. Apparently, the Japanese game developer has filed its trademark application in NICE classes 9 and 16.

The category covers trademark items that include video games coursed through the internet, downloadable software applications for playing of computer games and computer programs among others. It also included "games and playthings." With this type of trademark application, many are wondering if the patent being requested by Square Enix is for a mobile game or for a new IP.

Square Enix Has Indicated This Initiative In Its Annual Report

It can be recalled that some two months ago, Square Enix has stated in its Annual Report that the company plans to continue remaking older IP for the present generation. That item was included in the company's report on its annual earnings for the current year. The report also detailed the company's successes that year.

According to its Annual Report, Square Enix is also thinking of turning the older titles so they can be played in virtual reality platforms. The company's main goal in its initiative is to enable fans to enjoy reliving past experiences with a new kind of freshness. According to the company, that can only be provided by the latest technology.

Square Enix Has Also Created Mobile Games

Square Enix has also developed a considerable quantity of video games that were released for mobile platforms. The company has developed these games for mobile platforms since 2002 up to the current year. Some of the titles of the video games for mobile platforms include Final Fantasy for iOS and Android, King's Knight:Wrath of the Dark Dragon, also for iOS and Android, and Beverly Default: Fairy's Effect for Android.

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