Oxidative Stress And Multiple Sclerosis: What's The Link Between The Two? The Details, Inside

A new study about patients with progressive multiple sclerosis has recently found that a steroid treatment can potentially be beneficial by decreasing oxidative stress in the cerebrospinal fluid. It was found that oxidative stress (OS) is currently perceived as a major subject for being a biomarker for the prevalence of multiple sclerosis and its progression. Consequently, experts have noted that these studies are showing a significant success rate at stopping and reversing the damage done by the demyelination caused by OS.

Oxidative Stress And Multiple Sclerosis: What's The Link?

According to reports revealed by Health Line, oxidative stress has long been considered as the prime mover of the inflammation which is also neurodegenerative. In their recent studies, experts have highly emphasized that OS is also an essential factor that is basically associated with demyelination in MS.

Furthermore, as per Multiple Sclerosis News Today, researchers have found that the human body allegedly possesses certain mechanisms, such as antioxidant responses, which in turn, counteracts the accumulation of damaging proteins that result from oxidative stress. As a matter of fact, antioxidant responses are deemed as an important mechanism for maintaining homeostasis and viability. Experts believe that through the investigation of these mechanisms in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of MS patients may potentially give indications as to the interplay of disease progression, chronic inflammation, and response to treatment.

The research team observed that radicals were present in MS patients' CSF, while absent in healthy controls. Ultimately, antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, berries, and juices have typically been used to neutralize free radicals and prevent the damage they cause. However, although significant numbers of researches have already shown various therapeutic effects based on antioxidants, using OS markers as biomarkers of MS severity or relapse could be a helpful diagnostic tool.Experts claim that due to their ability to reduce OS, adding antioxidants to immunotherapy may be beneficial for people with MS.

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