Experience The Gadget At Its Best: Tips And Guides To Fully Utilize Your X-Box One

Xbox One has already established its name in the field of gaming consoles. With its progressing three years in the industry, the company still has a lot of surprises in store for its consumers. Just recently, Xbox One produced consoles that changed the face of gaming and technology, the Xbox One S and the Project Scorpio. With this, many are looking for easy guides to utilized all the applications attached to it.

Tips In Using Xbox One Effectively And Efficiently: Setting Up Devices Included

In fully utilizing an Xbox One product, make sure that you also know how to completely set-up the device. The time used for this would be longer but as some would say "it will be all worth it". Videos that are showing how one could set-up faster are available to check online.

Also, try to speed up your time in installing the games in your device by disconnecting from Xbox Live. Before it would take longer hours to install hard drives but through disconnecting from Xbox, running certain installations and reconnecting to networks, everything would surely be fast-paced.

But if you would want to keep the installation time real shorter, make sure to pre-load games before it would be released. With this, you could unlock the bundle immediately with no pause.

Tips And Tricks On Xbox One: Turn Your Smart Phone Into Remote Control

Other than that, getting SmartGlass App on your gaming console is a must, as it is free to download. With the application being installed, this would immediately allow your smartphones into a remote control. This would be a great help in the navigation of the features offered in the Xbox One products.

Also, make multitasking easy by double tapping on the Xbox button presented on the controller. With this feature, you could easily swap between windows you would actually want to focus on. If you want a more convenient way of switching windows, try the voice command 'Xbox, Switch' and it would pin active window immediately.

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