The Most Delicate Cyber Security Issues That Might Happen In 2017

Security experts warn that malware distributors are using now less suspicious file types. Photo : TheStreet/YouTube

Cyber security is one of the most delicate fields in technology right now, given the fact that we live in times when hackers are some of the most dangerous group in the world, considering that the most delicate information in the economy or politics is hidden in the web. Although this year, there were different events that revealed major institutions were hacked, and several data were leaked or stolen, next year is expected to be quite threatening. Regarding this situation, these are some of the most delicate cyber security issues that might happen in 2017.

A New Version Of The Tor Browser Will Be Released

The anonymizing web browsing Tor (The Onion Router) has been known from some years ago since provides the opportunity of disguise your IP address so you can navigate in the web hiding your identity and without the risk of getting monitored. Although the general conception among Tor suggest that most of the people that used it are usually the ones that get into the dark web, the truth is that this is something that every kind of person can use in order to maintain its privacy.

However, in recent months it has been known that some intelligence agencies has infiltrated the Tor network for cyber security reasons, which has made this web browsing no longer secure for those who wants their information to as safe as possible. Naturally, this situation would probably end up in the developing of a new version of the Tor browser, in order to restore its original functionality.

IoT Will Come Under Cyber Security Scrutiny After More Hacks

The Internet of things (IoT) devices are slowly integrating to our lives, and are expected to become one of the most revolutionaries innovations in tech history, to the point in which society is probably at the edge of a new era. However, this has already been threatened by several hacks that would probably continue next year, with unpredictable consequences that many believes that it could be incredibly catastrophic.

Given this situation, it´s expected that we see more scrutiny on security within the IoT marketplace, in which vendors will have to work in new security measures and precautions in order to avoid that the devices they design could be easily hacked by criminals, including controlled privilege access, secured authentication and patchable software.

Nevertheless, these people will be also improving their methods to keep executing the most harmful and threatening cyber strikes.The delicate detail about this situation is that the government´s involvement on the cyber security issue will gain a lot of critics and the lack of confidence from users who will see its presence on this device as a way of controlling or monitoring their lives.

Internal Threats Will Probably Increase In 2017

Using legitimate credential and software are some of the most common methods that hackers and cyber criminals use to strike a target, given the fact that the targeting of personal email and social media bypasses URL filters and email scans, which are some of the most proficient network defenses.

Believe it or not, this kind of cyber strikes can increase by much next year, since this will be the most efficient way that criminal could use to approach, considering that many organization has adopted more effective plans and strategies to defeat malware and attackers. Of course, the effectiveness of this kind of strike would be tested, since the criminals will have to face the problem that users could actually notice the scam before the perpetrators achieve their goals.

However, it´s well known that one of the most delicate cyber security issues right now is that people can be easily manipulated on the web, given the fact that there´s still a lot of misconceptions about the threats that can be found on the internet, and the way in which anyone could be victim of a hacker or cyber criminal.

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