Oppo Plans Construction Of Industrial Park And Manufacturing Unit In India

Chinese smartphone company Oppo has recently announced its grand investments into a new industrial park in Noida, India. The industrial park is set to cover an area of 1,000 acres and will involve investments of about Rs. 1,465 crores or $216 million. Oppo's fancy new investment will greatly increase its capacity in India. Oppo's proposed industrial park in Noida is projected to start operations in the following 2 - 3 years.

Sky Li, President of Oppo India says that they already have a production unit in India while the surface mount technology (SMT) center is currently undergoing refurbishment which will finish soon in February. They will also have the agreement signing press conference for the international park by the end of next month. According to Li, the project will have different stages but the aim is to have the capacity of 50 million. The ultimate goal, however, is 100 million units.

Oppo remains focused on mid to top range products in the Indian cellphone market. Instead of pursuing high volume of shipments or scale of its enterprise, Oppo exerts effort to create strong products for users. Li further adds that they are creating a trend for the industry with their selfie functionality. Li is confident that their positioning in the market is correct and precise, all thanks to their market research.

GSMA, a trade body which represents the interest of mobile operators around the world, expects India to reach around one billion mobile subscribers by the time 2020 arrives, a good scale up from the 616 users in 2016. With an installed base of 275 million devices, India has cemented itself as the second largest smartphone market anywhere in the world. An extra 330 million of India-based subscribers by 2020 would also be achieved if affordability improves, gadget prices lower, and operators continue their investment in network coverage and quality.

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