Marijuana Home Delivery Could Be Available In Portland Soon

Portland residents may soon be able to have marijuana delivered right at their doorstep, just like ordering food. On Wednesday, the city's lawmakers approved "marijuana couriers" and other pot-related "micro" business types to in order to ease financial burden for entrepreneurs.

Marijuna Home Delivery Service Has Been Approved By Portland Commissioners

The council unanimously voted to immediately adopt the additions and other changes to the city's marijuana code. Portland City Council Commissioner Amanda Fritz said: "Since the state's regulations keep changing and the industry keeps growing and flourishing." Fritz added that they "will be coming back with multiple other changes."

According to DailyCaller, city commissioners eased up on the rules regarding how marijuana dispensaries can distribute their products by legally opening home delivery services for marijuana. However, restrictions and prohibitions remain, making courier service a little complex.

Some Marijuana Shop Owners Are Not Sure Whether To Expand

This may come as good news to marijuana users, however, but business owners have mixed reactions. Casey Arbogast, owner of a Marijuana shop, said: It's a cool direction to go, but I think that it requires a lot of legislation." Arbogast also added that he thinks that online ordering will "take over a little bit of the marijuana."

OregonLive reported that couriers need to have a licensed headquarters within a permitted building, and it has to be in an area allowed by zoning rules. The headquarters must be at least 1,000 feet away from any schools. Retailers must obtain a license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Delivering marijuana after 9 p.m. is also prohibited.

On January 1, Portland will shake up its state-wide marijuana laws by implementing a new rule banning dispensaries from selling both medical and recreational marijuana. Business owners will not be allowed to service both and should choose which market they would cater to.

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