Middle Age Health Crisis Reach New Levels Due To Unhealthy Lifestyle

Health officials in England are concerned with an impending middle age health crisis that is going to affect the long-term health of the British population. According to a recent health survey, 8 out of 10 people aging 40-60 years old are suffering from serious health problems due to unhealthy lifestyle. 

According to the nation's public health agency, Public Health England (PHE), most middle age people eat a lot of fast food and sweets, engage in binge drinking alcohol, and lead sedentary lives. The consequences of practicing such unhealthy lifestyle have accumulated for years and show up in forms of diabetes, hypertension and other cardiac conditions, and obesity. 

As people live longer, they also develop poor health as the effects of undesirable health practices accumulate for years. PHE urges the public to start turning a new leaf in 2017 to avert or reduce the middle age health crisis. 

In 2014, a research by PHE shows that the rate of diabetes in the middle age group has doubled over the last 20 years. Additionally, 25% don't exercise for more than half an hour each week. Another 25% are found to consume too much alcohol. These numbers have increased ever since making long-term health problems potentially deadly.  

According to clinical experts, 15 million Britons are living the daily grind, working desk jobs, and consuming nothing much else except for fast food. They're called the "sandwich generation", referring to their unique position of nourishing children while also taking care of their aging parents.  

In a time where people drive to work, order burgers or pizza for lunch, and munching on processed snacks, health experts are optimistic that taking small steps to change the current lifestyle will prove to be beneficial.  

Small changes in the daily habit such as being more physically active, reducing alcohol intake, and choosing to eat more vegetables and fruits will eventually cut down the undesirable impact of the middle age health crisis. 

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