‘Pokemon GO’ Holiday Event: Players Need To Do These Things Fast Before The Holiday Season Is Over

As most Pokemon GO fans know, Niantic has launched the Pokemon GO holiday event to hype the players' interest on the game. The event started on Dec. 25 and will last up to Jan. 3. This event gives the players of the video game more chances of getting new PokeStop things, new Pokemon and a lot other things.

However, players and trainers should understand that the time frame of the Pokemon GO holiday event is set and limited. That means there will be no extension of the event. And if they want to maximize their use of this limited time, here are some of the things that they must do from now until Jan. 3.

Trainers Must Hatch All The Eggs They've Got

Trainers will have more chances of hatching eggs during the Pokemon GO holiday event. But in order to hatch eggs, they must have them. So trainers must grab as many new eggs as they can in the duration of the event. Their chances of hatching Pichu, Togepi and other baby Pokemon is increased considerably during this event.

Players Must Find Santa Hat Pikachu

Pikachu's special time in Pokemon GO holiday event is extended up to the deadline of Jan. 3. Players who have not found Santa Hat Pikachu can still do so. They still have a few more days left to find one. They can evolve this Gen 2 Pokemon into a Santa Hat Raichu, but only up to the deadline.

Trainers of Pokemon GO Holiday Event Should Catch The Gen 1 Starters

The Gen 1 Pokemon is very elusive and therefore very difficult to catch. But from Dec. 30 to Jan. 8, trainers have greater chances of finding them in the wild. Therefore, Squirtles, Charmanders and Bulbasaurs, which normally aren't encountered by players, will be easier to find. But only during the Pokemon GO holiday event. So, players must move fast from this day on.

Trainers Should Get Those Incubators

A trainer will be given an incubator every time he visits a Pokestop each day. With a single-use incubator, he can hatch as many eggs at once, and obtain a new Gen 2 Pokemon. This is the most important gift that is only available during the Pokemon GO holiday event

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