Samsung Galaxy S7 Owners Are Reporting Shattered Camera Glass

Samsung Galaxy S7 has one of the top smartphones that has best camera application. Unfortunately, before 2016 ends, many users are reporting that their handset's camera lens are shattering even without any impact from the behind.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Owners Are Reporting Shattered Camera Glass

“The camera glass had shattered like a miniature bullet hole,” Sean said to Consumerist.

Sean tells Consumerist that he purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S7 just last week, only to wake up on Dec. 22 to find the camera glass had shattered despite being in a case and sitting untouched on his nightstand all night long.

On the report, Sean contacted Samsung but he says the company refused to replace what he sees as a defect under the manufacturer’s warranty, insisting that he had caused the physical damage to the phone.

“A quick Google search brought up hundreds of identical instances of this rear camera glass shattering without dropping the phone, with Samsung refusing responsibility and forcing its customers to pay for a repair,” Sean said.

According to Digital Trends, Galaxy S7 owners posted on Samsung's forums discussing their affected smartphones. But the result in each case is the same, with Samsung insisting that the lens can only break under physical stress, and charge the customer for the repair, a $70 fix.

Another post from April 2016, a Samsung Galaxy S7 owner says that she had owned the phone for less than a week when she noticed the lens was shattered.

"Well, it took three weeks to get it fixed," she writes. "I've had it back for less than a week and the lens is cracked... Is there an issue with the lens, or am I the only one. It cost $70 to get fixed. I really don't feel like paying it again."

Reasons Of The Shattered Camera Glass

One of the many possible reasons of the issue could be related to external stress on the glass of the camera. Based on observations, the glass typically breaks as if it was shot through by a bullet from a gun. While completely significant is that many of the breakage incidents occur while the phone is in a protective case.

Samsung has replied to some of the posts from the forum. A representative from the company suggested all the owners experiencing the problem is to send their smartphones in for inspection and let Samsung do what is necessary to fix the problem.

"We do see there are quite a few interesting theories, and although we cannot speculate on each individuals' situation, we would like to assure you that Samsung does take many different conditions into consideration when constructing our devices," a rep replied to another post from April.


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