Apple's Hidden Photo Feature That Will Shock You

Before this year ends, allow yourself to explore and learn the hidden features of your Apple iPhone with iOS 10. Are you familiar with the ability of you Apple iPhone to search your photos and tag both people and objects?

Apple's Hidden Photo Feature That Will Shock You

Google and Apple offer services use the "computer vision" that detect what's in the photos, according to Forbes. There's also hardware that can do this with lookup tables too, Qualcomm has previously illustrated this as being a part of its recent Snapdragon processors.

This hidden photo feature will make your life easier. Let's say you will type in the word "dog," then your iPhone will search in your photo library all picture that has a dog in it. To save you power and performance issues, iOS only catalogs when the phone is charging. When you take a new photo, Apple's Image Signal Processor is able to detect objects and people, and will then look them up against its inbuilt database.

Start Using The Photo Feature

As stated by Business Standard, to try this hidden feature, open the Photos app and tap on the search magnifying glass. Users can tell Apple Photos who appears in your images and it should then be able to look and identify those people again.

When you go to you iPhone's photo library, you can see an album named "People" that is recognized depends on the faces detected by your smartphone. When you open the album, you can see a box saying "Drag Your Favorites Here," this allows your Favorites will appear at the top of the People album so you can access them quickly.

As of now, this feature is not shared between your devices, though, so don't expect to see your "favorite" people turn up on an iPad when you tag them on the iPhone.


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