GoPro Karma Grip Good Deal At $299: Features, How-tos, Review

GoPro's Karma Grip is the one accessory you need if you're planning to take good videos of your adventures. The company has announced that its handheld stabilizer is already for sale for $299. This is after the Karma drone, the drone the Karma Grip used to ship with, has been recalled for power issues.

GoPro Karma Grip Features And How-tos

Basically, the GoPro Karma helps people capture stabilized videos despite subject and videographer's movement. The company claims that the Karma Grip can capture footage that's so smooth your normal shots will look extraordinary. This means that if you're an outdoorsy person with a love for photography, you'll be loving the GoPro Karma Grip very much.

The GoPro Karma Grip is pretty easy to use. It can be worn or held and be just as effective. It's also worth noting that the GoPro Karma Grip and your GoPro work as one. When you connect your GoPro to your stabilizer and then turn on the Karma Grip, these two will start to work together. The GoPro and the grip can both charge at once and as per GoPro's site, your footage can be offloaded without needing to unmount the camera.

GoPro Karma Grip Review

As per Tech Crunch, the stabilization that the Karma Grip offers makes a big difference in image quality. It's worth noting that Karma Grip's direct competition is DJI Osmo, and while the Osmo has some advantages over the Karma Grip, the GoPro unit can't be beaten down when it comes to video quality. Considering GoPro's high-quality cameras, the Karma Grip can definitely deliver good shots.

GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro's recall program for the Karma drone is still ongoing and people who have purchased the drone are requested to return their units for a full refund. GoPro says that they have initiated the recall so they can resolve the issue regarding the power loss of the drone. The company also says that they plan to put the Karma drone back on the market once the issue is all solved.

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