Google Glass: Might Now Control Your Garage Door And Fridge, Too

No one could ever fault Google for doing too little, and that's especially striking for the company that was formerly only about search engines but is now about just about everything else; and prominently its forthcoming wearable computer the Google Glass.

Just over the last few weeks alone, we've seen numerous innovations when it comes to Google Glass technology, and the company in charge has yet to slow its progress.

Engadget now reports a possible patent application whose product would allow Google Glass to help the wearer to better control "objects around your house" via the combination of "augmented reality" and wireless connectivity.

Augmented reality is a view of one's environment that has been augmented via, say Google Glass technology, in order to integrate sound, video, graphics, GPS or other elements in it.

This is no surprise, considering augmented reality is what Google Glass is all about: Allowing the user to view the world through the scope of a smartphone patina that will make the entire world into one big Internet interface.

"The headwear will apparently [be] using visual identification, RFID, infra-red, Bluetooth and even QR codes as methods for recognizing controllable devices," Engadget says. "Once your well-designed head-mounted display picks up a target, it would then pull down information related to the object, including a control interface."

These targets could include such commonplace items as one's fridge or garage door. A Google Glass wearer will see "superimposed controls" over the objects — as long as they are Wi-Fi connected — that would allow the user to close the garage door or perform other such tasks via Glass.

The patent is rather vague about whether or not the commands of the Google Glass wearer will be made via voice. But, what we do know is that as long as it keeps coming up with innovations like these, to allow a garage door to open just by looking at it, "Its [sic] pretty clear that Google will rule the planet some day," as one Engadget commenter suggests.

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