Beer: An Alternative To Cooking Oil? And It Helps To Lose Weight, Study Finds

When it comes to prepping for a healthy meal, beer may be one of the things that you may have overlooked. However, come to think of it, various dishes which is cooked using beer are now rapidly emerging in the food industry. In line with that, Toby Amidor, a nutrition expert and a registered dietitian has recently revealed that replacing oil with beer in your dish effectively lessens the calorie content of the food. It was found that Amidor, who has also been the author of the best-selling recipe book entitled The Greek Yogurt Kitchen, said that beer can actually be considered as a healthier alternative.

Beer: An Alternative To Cooking Oil?

In one of her statements reported by Daily Mail, the registered dietitian has explained that oil is about 120 calories per tablespoon, while 12 fluid ounces of a standard beer with 5% alcohol by volume is 146 calories. Thus, she said that using beer as an alternative when cooking apparently helps to add to the flavor and depending on the heat and amount of time the food is exposed to the heat, a portion of those calories is believed to be dispersed.

Furthermore, according to reports revealed by Self, Amidor was quoted to have said that although a regular beer contains 150 calories, you will only get about 75 calories if you add a tablespoon to your meat dish and would also able to get a delicious taste. As compared to a regular cooking oil when cooking, the food is more likely to lose nutrients such as vitamins and minerals; whereas with beer, Amidor explains that it will uphold such nutrients because of the alcohol content. Additionally, the use of beer is also found to actually improve one's health condition due to its B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium property content.

Ultimately, the University of Pennsylvania has also claimed that with the continued use of moderate dark ale or stout, it is more likely to protect you from various heart problems. Moreover, experts from the said university have also highly emphasized that moderate consumption of beer can also strengthen your bones because it contains silicon which can help promote growth.


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