Mobileye Partners With German Mapping Company To Advance Self Driving Car Technology

Mobileye has announced a partnership with German digital mapping company, HERE, to further advance the development of self-driving cars. HERE is co-owned by Audi, Daimler and BMW. Mobileye has been working with different companies for advanced driver assistance and has recently parted ways with Tesla Motors this year.

Mobileye And HERE Will Develop A Precise Map For Location Services

The goals of Mobileye and Here is to develop an accurate global map to be used for location services and fully autonomous driving. The two companies plan to enhance autonomous driving by combining their respective technologies. According to Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE, they are building a state-of-the-art global HD map that would become the standard of autonomous driving. Overbeek said that he is excited to work with Mobileye, a company that shares the same views in the automotive industry.

Mobileye Sets Their Eye For A Fully Developed Technology By 2021

Mobileye separated ways with Tesla last September after a fatal crash that involved Tesla's autopilot earlier. The company has announced a partnership with Intel and BMW to provide self-driving technology that BMW will use in their fleet of autonomous vehicles. Mobileye would be providing the chips and software, while Intel would be providing technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence that the companies plan to introduce by 2021.

Google Alphabet Faces A Tough Competition

Mobileye and Delphi Automotive also plan to highlight their self-driving technology at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show that would be held in Las Vegas. HERE was formerly part of Nokia, and was bought by companies BMW, Daimler and Audi for $3 billion dollars. The association of the two companies would most likely threaten the services of Google Maps owner, Alphabet.

Digital maps and location services is a critical part of autonomous driving technology since the vehicle would rely on its data banks to be able to navigate accurately and safely. Autonomous driving technology would not be a success if not for mapping services and companies such as HERE, and would not be able to navigate these maps without sensing technology such as the ones provided by Mobileye. The partnership is a crucial step that the world of self-driving cars truly need in order to achieve success.

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