Das Keyboard: The First Internet-Connected 5Q Keyboard Is Now Available For Pre-Order

By Monica U Santos , Dec 30, 2016 03:52 AM EST
Das Keyboard 5Q, a cloud-connected mechanical keyboard that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet, is now ready for pre-order. (Photo : Das Keyboard/YouTube)

Das Keyboard, a well-known mechanical keyboard manufacturer, will soon launch its first internet-connected model 5Q. According to Das, this productivity-focused keyboard functions as both an input and an output unit, with each key programmable to a different color.

Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard is a series of computer keyboards sold by Metadot Corporation, a software company located in Austin, Texas. Das is best known for its high-end mechanical keyboards, and now it's taking them online. Next month, at CES 2017, the company will debut "the world's first cloud-connected keyboard" that streams info from the web right to the input device.

Das keyboards feature blank keycaps, improving its touch typing skills and getting rid of the rearrangement key for substitute keyboard layouts. These versions of keyboards have been available since the year 2008. Also, these mechanical key switches have also been made by Cherry and Greetech.

Next week, on CES 2017, Das Keyboards will debut the world's first internet-connected keyboard that streams info from the web right to the input device. It will serve as a productivity-focused keyboard for all its users. This keyboard model is named as 5Q.

The First Internet-Connected 5Q Keyboard

According to Engadget, instead of putting a display on the keyboard itself, info and notifications pop up as user-defined colors on the 5Q's standard QWERTY keyboard layout. So, if a keyboard user wants to know when a specific task will due, he/she could map it to the tilde key increasing its flashing speed or change colors the closer the deadline of the task is.

As described by KickStarter, Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-connected, open API RGB mechanical keyboard that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet. It is built with ground-breaking electronics that provide superior RGB LED brightness and unsurpassed response time.

RGB LED means light-emitting diode of colors R as in red, G as in green and B as in blue. Along with the Das Keyboard Q application, the Das Keyboard 5Q makes you more productive by streaming information directly to your keyboard.

The Das Keyboard 5Q model is a full-size high-performance, high-quality mechanical RGB keyboard that is connected to the Internet. That is why it is called as "internet-connected" keyboard. Each RGB LED can be color-controlled remotely to represent a specific information depends on the customization of the user.

For users that usually create many browsers in their browser, this high-intellectual keyboard is very useful. “It is ambient. You see it without even looking at it. Thanks to your peripheral vision, you’re able to see what’s on your desk when you are looking at your monitor," Das explains.

The First Internet-Connected Keyboard Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Preorders for the amazing Das Keyboard 5Q are now available for $229 in stores and online. Das Keyboard indicated on their site all the stores you can go to if you want to pre-order the gadget. For the United States of America, here is the list.




If you think this Das keyboard's first internet-connected 5Q model is for you, do not hesitate to click the link and pre-order. If I were you, I will check it now before its too late!


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