NBA 2K17 Update: Better Servers On Park After Dark; Double Rep Weekend Teased

The first NBA 2K17 Park After Dark is considered to be a big failure. Those who are fans of the sport were already expecting about the event, however they have encountered numerous issues online that will prevent them from joining into the game. It is also weird that 2K Games considered this event as a successful one, in fact, they will be having the same event on Dec. 30.

A tweet from Ronnie 2K, the NBA 2K17 Park After Dark second event will be assured to have improved servers. Even though fans are still not sure what will really happen in the event, this kind of news is truly motivating, according to The Bit Bag. This shows that the developer 2K Games are well-aware of the glitches of the game, and as a response they are doing something to make up for what happened.

Fans would need to play the game in the event just to know if the game would go as smooth as how it was expected to be. Issues related to connection are not at all new to gamers, but it is still not too good to encounter such a problem. Another factor that made this event worse is the high expectation that those basketball fans have for the game since they are not able to participate in it. This made them a whole lot frustrated, especially for those who missed to play the game on Dec. 30.

Fans that are not really that interested with the NBA 2K17 Park After Dark will be attending the Double Rep Weekend, and they are anticipating this game event. The event will give the opportunity for players to double up their reputation while playing the game. This is a good treat to fans so that they can continue playing the game, and this event is expected to satisfy those who are not interested in the Park After Dark.


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